P.S. I Love You

This movie sucks and I’m walking out.

I’ve walked out of dozens of movies. I have seen thousands of movies I would have walked out on had I had the chance to. I love movies and haven’t seen a good one in years.

I’ve never went to a movie just so I could walk out about 30 or 40 minutes in. I do it in a heartbeat. Do something, even if it is wrong. Beats sitting for an hour or so knowing it’s going to suck. I’ll take my chances.

Toward the blissful twilight of my doomed marriage, Becca made me go see a creepy chick flick called “P.S. I Love You” It’s about this couple. A handsome couple. The guy dies, but before he does he leaves all these cryptic posthumous letters and gifts seemingly from the grave. The movie is the Notebook, Night of the Living Dead and the Davinci Code in a ps_i_love_you-1poignant, paint-by-the-numbers and heartwarming package. The only saving grace I had, were three middle-aged women setting directly behind me giving a play by play in their speaking voices. I still remember one of them saying “Oh my God! Ireland!”

Fact 1. That movie sucked. I don’t need every movie to be the Road Warrior but come on, at least some gratuitous nudity.

Fact 2. My wife was probably screwing around on me at the the time.

Fact 3. THAT guy should have had to set through that piece of shit movie.

Fuck that.

I’m out of here…